Friday, November 19, 2010

three wishes

Sadie has three wishes. When she sees a star, she asks for these things. When asked what she wants for her (fourth) birthday, she says these things. When Santa asked what she wanted for Christmas, she sweetly requested these things.

Always these three. Always in this order.

An American Girl doll that looks like me named Kit,

a seesaw,

and a baby sister.

{so this is Sadie as a baby, but you get the idea}

The other night we finally had to break it to her that she would not, in fact, be getting a baby sister for Christmas. To not get her hopes up. That if one were coming Mommy's tummy would be really huge right now. She was pretty disappointed, but seemed to understand. And she continues asking for one.


Sarah B. Green said...

My wish is for another Osenga baby too! Sadie and I are on the same page.

Flo Paris said...

I seriously thought that might be some sort of announcement. BUM-MER...uh...for Sadie that is.
Well, and maybe me too. hehehe.

Ali O said...

sarah - you and Sadie can be moral support for each other :)

florence paris oakes. if (and i mean IF) i ever got pregs you KNOW I would tell you way before I told the internet. or most people.