Monday, May 29, 2006


that word has been in my head for the past 2 days. why? who the heck knows. but there it is. in my head. it becomes especially prominent when i'm working on the jigsaw puzzle that's been stumping my brother, sister-in-law and me since yesterday. clay refuses to look at the box for guidance, sarah occasionally looks, and i've got it attached to my hand.

i spent a good couple hours on it last night (ah, the craziness that ensues when my husband leaves town) and got approximately 12 pieces put together. it's a 1000 piece puzzle.

another kind of puzzle i experienced last night was Tofurkey. "what?" you might be saying. "exactly," is my answer. i won't be eating it again.

oh, and here's the cutest baby i've ever had.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

and i can't fight this feeling anymore...

i know, i know. i keep thinking of things to write about, and have finally decided to sit down and just do it. it's a rare moment that i'm not napping while ella naps (see last post) but for some reason i'm awake and kicking.
i've got my BBQ chicken pizza from California Pizza Kitchen (by way of the target frozen section). i Highly recommend it.

not that i'm here, i feel it's due time for an Ella update. the babe is 14 months old, and about the most fun thing i've encountered in my entire life. she pretty much exists to laugh, make other people laugh, and laugh some more. well, she definitely belly laughs much more than she used to - but she's also got this breathy, cough-laugh going on that's hilarious and Very endearing. she shows all 8 of her teeth, throws her head back and just laughs.

today she discovered that plunging her head down onto her high chair tray full of pear and eating it without any hands made me laugh. so that's how she finished her lunch.

she thinks putting things on her head (and ours) is pretty funny.

she likes to laugh and screech at dogs (until they come too close for comfort).

she likes to put her head on the ground and look between her legs - sometimes she's waiting to be somersaulted. sometimes she's just checking out the view.

she loves to pick things up, then give them to whoever is closest. the little boy in the dr's waiting room yesterday was a bit confused by this.

one of her favorite pastimes is to point out every light fixture in a room and wave at them one by one.

she still loves her baby IPod, even though it's in desperate need of a battery change, and the kids singing now sound like sleepy baritones.

this pizza is Seriously so good.

she continues to love/hoard her pacifiers, and when i get her out of the crib, she always has 1 in her mouth, 1 in one hand, and 2-3 in the other (yes, that means we keep a lot of them in her crib).

However, i feel we are making progress because now i tell her to drop them in her crib after i pick her up out of it -
and she does. even the one in her mouth!

she Loves to alternately bang and knock on surfaces - particularly windows, doors and mirrors. i think she knows the difference between a bang and a knock. but that could just be wishful thinking on my part.

she loves to eat Everything! her newfound favie is cantaloupe. yum.

she can climb on the couches now, and in subdued moments, likes to sit next to andy or me and just "talk." really. she's definitely holding a conversation pretty much all day. we just have no idea what her side of it is.

she now has a real live cell phone compliments of her Pops. it doesn't have service, of course, but it lights up when she presses the buttons, and she thinks it's the greatest. (this doesn't mean that you may never get a phone call from ella posing as andy or alison - she still loves our phones, too).

whew. i Could keep going, but i've got to ease back into this thing. and to all my friends with blogs...Update them!