Friday, January 01, 2010

a new beginning...

It's time this poor, woebegone blog got some attention, methinks.

{My piddly explanation...

About six months ago I got a phone that takes fairly passable pictures (as far as a phone goes, of course). At about the same time, our point-and-click camera bit the dust. Therefore, the last half-year has been documented by my phone. And they have gone directly to my TwitPics. And not here.

And I started twittering more. But those are just tiny blurbs. And, sadly, it has taken the place of blogging.}

With the new year (and new decade) I thought it only appropriate to resolve to post more frequently. For posterity. And for my mother.

A couple of weeks ago, our friends Josh and Flo Oakes came over and took some pictures of our family. This is a talented duo, I'm telling you. Due to the (shall we say) emotions that were (shall we say) dramatic, Andy and I were afraid there wouldn't be a whole lot for our friends to work with.

We were happily proved wrong.