Saturday, March 25, 2006

Thursday, March 16, 2006

Happy Birthday, Ella!!!

One year ago today, Elizabeth Claire Osenga was born. No, I can't believe it. Yes, time does fly. And yes, she is still as bald as the day she was born. This morning we had a little family time to celebrate...

Saturday, March 11, 2006

the Great Guilty Pleasure Read-Off

Remember Science Fair projects? I feel kind of like I’m starting one – for two reasons. First, I’m about to read a science-fiction novel. Second, I’m going to document my journey with this novel, and see if the end result is, indeed, as I hypothesized.

Of course, I won’t be adhering to regular Science Fair rules. There won’t be judges, nor blue ribbons, and (thank goodness) nothing “sciency” about it – just the book.

You see, my dear husband and I are exchanging our “guilty pleasure books” and letting the other take a look-see into our literary utopias. For me, this is either Goudge (my always and ultimate favorite, whom I do Not feel guilty in the least about reading) or, Far less meaningful, pop-culture girly (often-times British) humor books that always involve ridiculous amounts of materialism (namely clothes, shoes and jewelry) and some sort of fluffy romance.

I have chosen for Andy to read “Confessions of a Shopaholic.” It is laugh-out-loud good, has no amount of true value in life, and apparently will be made into a movie starring Kate Hudson one day (I cringe just imagining her British accent).

I have been tasked to read “Rendezvous with Rama” by Arthur C. Clarke. I am already smirking and sneering, being that I did those two things the entire time Andy was reading it in bed next to me. Just looking at the front cover makes me laugh and I’m feeling the need to rent “Trekkies” once again.

I respect and admire Andy’s literary leanings, but I must admit skepticism. He has been quite up front with the fact that this is completely nerdy, then quickly follows with the fact that apparently Morgan Freeman is going to be in the movie adaptation. And Morgan Freeman is, unarguably, cool.

So here’s my “hypothesis.” I think I will be scared off from the science-fiction world forever. I think this has something to do with people exploring a world in space, or something – or maybe a spaceship. Andy’s explained it to me multiple times, but all I can get through my head is that “Rama” is not a person. I think I’ve blocked everything else out.

I can almost guarantee that I won’t be returning for any sequels. I’ll try to keep the smirking to a minimum, and hopefully my husband’s cool points won’t be taken away in the process. Hopefully mine won’t be taken away as he reads his assignment either.

The following is Andy's hypothesis:

"Confessions of a Shopaholic

I'm expecting pretty much the movie version of "Bridget Jones' Diary." I'm thinking there will be a lot of names like Gucci and Vera Wang thrown around. And tons of wonderful, charming, young British men who won't pay our heroine the time of day. I bet it will be funny, though, and I'm hoping for some humorous personal revelations; and a better appreciation for upscale footware."

And we're off...

Thursday, March 09, 2006


I've been remiss. For the greater part of last week, little Ella had a fever. It's been her first extended fever Ever, and it was a bit unsettling. Fortunately, there really weren't any other symptoms other than being alternately tired and refusing to go to sleep. But the day it spiked up to 102.7 deg, I was a sad mommy. She really was in good spirits a majority of the time, and we even went outside to play a little bit. Here she is, becoming acquainted with the great outdoors...

In about a week's time, my baby will no longer be 0. As the landmark approaches, I've become increasingly more nostalgic and have been grasping on to all of her little nuances. Her smile is often now accompanied by a toothy biting motion. Only if you're lucky do you get to see her amazingly-gapped upper teeth.

During mealtime, she tries to grab the spoon to help the eating process along. Or so I thought. If I let her take the spoon from me to feed herself, she immediately raises it up in the air, looks at it, and starts shaking with excitement. I've been reminded of both an Olympic torch bearer, and, more timely and accurately, an enthusiastic Oscar-winner.

She loves to instigate physical play. She'll look over to whoever is in the room with her, and as a smirk crosses her face, she'll slowly lay down on her back and wait to be tickled. Then when you actually Do tickle her, she howls in laughter. This is definitely one of my current favorites.

She's learned to kiss. If we ask her (and she's in the right mood) she'll lean in and let us give her a little peck on the lips. When it actually happens, it's heart-melting. I've been asking for the last couple of days, and have gotten turned down every time. However, her daddy had been out of town for a day, and when he came home and asked for a kiss, he got two in a row. She Then leaned in a kissed him three times Unsolicited. He totally wins.

We have a ritual before naptime. She nurses, then we rock for a while. For the last 11 months, she's rested her head somewhere between my chest and the crook of my neck. Several days ago, she abandoned that for a new position. Wait for it...she lays her back down on my lap. Her head either balances on the edge of my knees or tilts slightly backwards. I have no idea why she loves this new angle so much, but i keep rocking, and she often hums along as I sing "Lullabye."

Dancing is the new craze. When Any type of music (cds, movies, cell phone rings, toys, Andy playing guitar, even me singing a capella) starts up, that little body starts bouncing up and down. Sitting, matter. Sometimes she'll throw an arm up in the air (which is disconcertingly like her mother) or start clapping (she still doesn't move her left hand when doing so).

While listening to said music, it is very important that we put a barricade up in front of the DVD player. It's one of Ella's most favorite toys, and she Loves pushing all the buttons. Especially the power button. Pre-barricade we would hear about 30 seconds of the first song on a CD. Over and over and over and over. I captured this moment a few weeks ago.

Note, also, the scrape on the bridge of her nose. Until yesterday that was her only nose injury. As she was happily cruising along our furniture, though, she took a rough tumble headfirst into the loveseat. Much screaming ensued, as did her very first nosebleed. It was very very sad. We called her pediatrician, and they said to not let her nap more than an hour right after the injury, in order to stave off concussion. Poor babes. Her nose isn't nearly as swollen today.

On a completely non-child-related note, I caved and started a MySpace page. I really, truly don't know why. I don't plan on blogging there, I have about zero information on my page, and it's just another website for me to be obsessed with. It Is kinda fun to click around and discover people that you knew way back when. But never fear, gentle readers, this is my one true love. Go Blogspot!

Thursday, March 02, 2006

Hey, Mr DJ

Yesterday I realized there were 3 songs floating around that I wanted to be able to hear any time I please. I'll catch snippets on the radio, and always want to hear it again. And again. So today my sweet husband bought them for me on ITunes. They are as follows:

"Fix You" - Coldplay
"GoldDigger" - Kanye West
"God Bless the Broken Road" - Rascal Flatts

Rock on.