Wednesday, June 21, 2006

who knew?

Ella discovered that her pacifiers rubbed with a slice of lime are just her thing. Strange that we figured this out, I know. My mom gave Ella her empty cup save limes at the bottom. First Ella pulled out the limes and gave them a few licks. Then she dropped her pacifiers in the cup, shook it a few times, then pulled them out for a tasty treat. Inventive.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


I know we have yet to reach June 21, but to me, summer has begun. The schoolkids are home, it's hot as blazes, and the pools are open every day.

I took Ella "swimming" a couple of times last summer. However, she was only 3-5 months old and it involved me going to the neighbor's pool and swishing her legs around in the water. The fact that she would fall asleep in my arms should be an indication that she had no idea (and could care less about) what was going on.

This summer will be different. Today being the first of June, I decided this would be a perfect day to introduce Ella to an actual pool experience. We went to the Y. Where I grew up, we didn't belong to a Y (although if I recall the info correctly, I believe I attended "water babies" at a Y when I was 9 months old). But since I was old enough to remember, we went to the Eno Valley Swim and Racquet - and then to my uttermost delight, we had a pool of our own. I digress.

The YMCAs here in the Nashville area are a pretty big deal. There are several of them within 15 minutes of our house, and although they all cost the same, some are decidedly more posh than others. Take the Green Hills Y - valet parking is at your disposal, and I've heard tell that a good number of Green Hill's soccer moms go straight the the Starbucks post-workout. And while I've never been inside the actual building, I hear a lot of the stars go there to work out.

Two years ago I worked for the Y, and had a free membership. By some stroke of brilliant fortune, when I stopped working there, they never revoked my free membership. You'd think I would have been taking advantage of this - there are so many great programs, classes, and equipment there. But today was my 3rd time ever to go. And today I didn't even workout. This leads me back to the pool.

We went to the Maryland Farms Y, which also has a reputation as being one of the "nicer" Ys. I suited Ella up, slathered the suncreen on, and away we went. I held my breath while my card was scanned, but we were waved through without a second glance. We breezed past the Subway (yes, a full-on Subway) in the lobby area, walked down the staircase and weaved our way through the building. We walked outside, and were greeted with the squeals and shrieks of pool fun.

First we went to the kids pool, which has a sloping bottom, so that kids can sit and let the "waves" wash over their feet. I think Ella was intimidated - she wanted to be held, and kept her head on my shoulder the whole time. Her eyes were wide open as she tried to take all the craziness in. I then spotted the baby pool, and it looked much more her speed.

We headed that way and the only other occupants were a girl 3 months older than Ella, and her grandmother. The girl took an instant liking to Ella, and after spending many more minutes in my lap, Ella began to follow her around the pool. The little girl climbed out; Ella climbed out. The little girl walked over to the fence; Ella walked over to the fence. Ella never followed suit when the little girl dunked her head in the water, but maybe we'll work up to that.

I wish I had a picture, but I have no doubt that Ella will be wearing the same bathing suit playing in the same pool, and will still probably have first a look of concern, then utter delight.