Thursday, September 23, 2010

reluctant Easter photo shoot - a retrospective

Easter morning was sunny and full of promise. Ella and Sadie were twirling in their Sunday dresses. We were just about to leave for church, and we wanted to take a sweet picture of them. Just one would do.

But that was not on their agenda...

At all.

Mystery sullenness had taken over.

The car was running. Out of gas, at this point.

Y'all. Come on.


(Now that the ordeal is over) I love that it took so long. And I love these pictures. My people be crazy.

Monday, September 13, 2010

a Colorado moment

There will be so (so) many more pictures from our month spent at Crooked Creek Ranch this summer, but I wanted to share these pictures now because I love them so.

I love everything about this little moment in time...

The weather.

Which inspired them to pick these outfits. And these stances.

But my heart surges every time I look at these because of my daughters. My Ella. My Sadie. My girls.