Monday, April 12, 2010

Singing Sadie

** update ** due popular request, I transcribed the lyrics, and put them under the video. enjoy the random. no really. Random.

I had my camera going a couple weeks ago and ended up honing in on Sadie. This makes me laugh because it is so her. The passionate singing (with a touch of toddler vibrato). And although she knows the book* by heart, she comes up with her own version (this she gets from her mother).

** hush little baby, comes to where
mama was gonna show you a hummingbird

and that evil sky is drying

and mommy show
and mommy is all turn

and mommy go in the rocking chair with you
and every day and now

I kept the ending because it's classic Sadie. She'll perform by herself for a bit, and then she gets really embarrassed and wants the attention off her immediately. {She still talks about her birthday party and getting shy when everybody looked at her and sang Happy Birthday. in December.}

* This version of Hush Little Baby is one of my very favorite books to sing with the girls.