Saturday, July 19, 2008

cause they're cute

Andy's doing video updates for his new project over on his website. Yesterday he incorporated our children, and it's just too sweet not to share here.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

muffins, lotta, and a green skirt

This morning the girls and I made blueberry muffins. Not from a package. For whatever (sad) reason we had not had flour and sugar in the cupboard for quite some time...and the other day I decided enough was enough. It was time to start baking again.

So today we did. Lots of muffins and messy mouths later, we are spending the morning reading books, doing puzzles, building with blocks, investigating our abacus, and hoping Sadie's fever subsides. Ella is eagerly awaiting her lunch date with Daddy, and I'm intermittently trying to stave off the (ongoing and dramatic) battle over who gets to cuddle with our stuffed Pat the Bunny.

I can't stop glancing up at my new purchase. At the first of the year, I saw it on Jenni's blog, and wanted to get it, but for some reason didn't. Well, the year is more than half over, but I would think about it from time to time, envisioning it on my wall. I headed over to Lotta Jansdotter's site last week, and saw that it was on sale (naturally, I suppose, considering the time of year). But I got it anyway. And it makes me feel cheery just looking at it.
{photo via Lotta's website}

I'm also wearing this skirt (except it's a fun, bright green). On the Gap website, it's on sale for $33 - but I found mine in the store for $11!! I've been wearing it the majority of the past two weeks that I've been its owner. There are so many things I love about this skirt! It's got the perfect flounce (without being frumpy). There are hidden pockets on the sides (so hidden that I didn't even discover them til my second time wearing it) that are perfect for my phone, because the pockets are deep enough to keep my phone secure, AND it helps me actually find my phone when I need it (instead of it sitting on the clothes dryer for 4 hours like it did yesterday). And the fun, girly part is that the top layer swirls up something akin to blooming petals as I bound down stairs.

{photo via Gap website}

snapshot Sadie

I recently scurried after Sadie with my camera, to capture her last days as an 18-month-old. Here's a bit of what we came up with.

Monday, July 14, 2008

the littlest mermaids

In keeping with the video theme, here's a little clip of the girls in their truest element. Ella singing ("Ariel songs") and dancing very earnestly, and Sadie trying her best to keep up.

{video by Nana}

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

here we are

Andy's side of the family started a family blog where we can all post and keep up with each other. His brother and sister-in-law spent two weeks in Hawaii, and posted a video of their digs. And pictures of the crater where they snorkeled (the same place Andy and I snorkeled on our honeymoon...this bit of info comes in handy later). Andy and I decided to respond with what we were up to.

I meant to post this when we filmed it because, well, it's just that riveting. And because we've actually been doing lots of fun things in the interim. But Andy has all the pictures on his computer, and I get mean letters in the mail if I post without pictures.

So. Without further ado, I give you Andy and Alison having absolutely nothing to say.