Sunday, November 21, 2010


Remember Halloween? I do. Mostly because Andy and I dressed up (we haven't done that in several years). But this year it wasn't just about the girls. Oh no. We decided it was time for us to shine (well, the invitation for a costume party decided it for us, but we willingly agreed).

The party was a couple days before Halloween, but we had so much fun being an 80's rock duo (Andy named us PROM) that we dressed up again while the girls trick-or-treated.

Oh yeah, the girls. Ella was a Titans cheerleader,

and Sadie was a cowgirl.

Look at my little family. Look at my man's flowing, mulletted locks.

Every year we trick-or-treat on our cul-de-sac. This is the second year our friends, the Oakes fam, joined us.

(Amelie really REALLY wanted to be in our family pic)

After the girls got their candy, they would run away yelling, "Thank you! Happy Halloween! Happy Trick-or-Treat!"

Rock on, Halloween. Rock on.


Christine said...

love it! ha! my hope is that my little family can be a fraction as fun as yours :)

Sarah said...

umm....look at your husband's flowing mullet locks? LOOK AT HIS SKIN TIGHT PLEATHER ROCKER PANTS!!!! nice toosh andy